The best fantasy football draft app you've ever used.


Looking for a better way to draft your fantasy football league? Want to do an automated auction, but the only sites that offer auction formats are terrible?

I have been playing fantasy football for 6+ years, and I've used all the main fantasy sites including ESPN, Yahoo, Fleaflicker, and CBS Sports. They all have their merits, but when I started my dynasty league I wanted to do an auction draft and the site we're using to host our league doesn't even offer an auction format.

So I built Drafty Sports with the goal of having the best fantasy football draft experience I could imagine. It's simple, easy to use, free to use, and doesn't suck. I hope you form the same opinion as you venture forth into a draft lobby. Let me know on Reddit or Twitter how you like Drafty, and help us spread the word on all your social media things.

Enjoy yourself.

– Daniel Fowler, Founder of Drafty Sports

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  • "Way better than ESPN's fantasy football draft experience, that's for sure."
  • "The best fantasy football draft app, especially for auction format."
  • "Simple and cheap fantasy football drafting, the way it should be."
  • "I've never used CBS Sports for fantasy drafts, but this is probably better."
  • "Yahoo is good, but Drafty Sports is king of the draft day experience."
  • "The NFL should sign this draft app to a contract, pronto."

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